Somewhere Over The Rainbow

All roads lead to home when home is the ideal place to hang out. At the start of the pandemic many became devoted to their houses and yards. Windows gleam a little brighter now. Shrubbery is more plump and lawns are less shaggy. We who have a ceiling over our heads where we safely can putter are the lucky ones. Political strife and traumatic conditions result in millions of homeless wanderers worldwide, especially concerning at this time. A peaceful existence in any living spaces near or far (modest or majestic like those my camera captured) can be as illusive as a pot of gold at a rainbow's end. But anyone can dream and imagine a home they would choose.

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Hello,

    I like the sidewalk art, the rainbows are so cheerful. There are a lovely variety of homes in your area. I see a few I would love to live in, the ones with the nice big porches are my favorite. For now, I am happy where I am. The mural is colorful and pretty. Just in the USA there are over a half million homeless people, COVID is creating even more of a crisis.. It is concerning.. I wish you a happy day and new week ahead.

    1. I’m partial to porches, too, Eileen. All but two of the homes were photographed in B.C. at different times. The home with green shutters and the one with the mural were taken during a trip to Switzerland. The third and fourth photos from the top are heritage homes, the Gabriola Mansion in Vancouver and the Stewart Farmhouse in Surrey. The home with the Volkswagen car at the front is the iconic Deerfield House in White Rock.

  2. Nice collection of houses. I can’t agree with you more; “All roads lead to home when home is the ideal place to hang out.” Home, it doesn’t matter big or small, it’s the place you can share emotion with families, or if alone, you warm up memories. Now I'm thinking of those who lost homes by natural disasters, wars, or political disorders.

  3. what a lovely array of photos of houses ~ home is so important especially now ~

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. What a wonderful variety of homes and they are a mystery! I often wonder what stories these homes could tell. Thank you and have a grand week!

  5. unique and beautiful buildings....
    lovely sidewalk....

    Have a great day

  6. Yes when we have a safe place to live we are privileged. A nice collection of houses. My favourite the one with the porch. My dream is to live in a little cottage one day surrounded with a porch where I will sit on a rocking chair.

  7. You really found some heart tugging homes. Something about the word home is soothing and comforting. Homeless is such a bad thing because it is the absence of much besides just a place to stay. Great post, I love it.

  8. Love the home collection and it is apropos for now, when home is even more important than ever (and even more a reason to count our blessings). (Our home, Eugene Oregon, already has a seriously sad number of homeless people and it will get worse.). ...... I am a fan of small space living for couples of certain advanced age. It has worked well for us in our retirement, because it has allowed us to travel. But this Winter in one small space may well put that love to the test to Florida sure isn’t looking good right now !

  9. I enjoyed your photos of beautiful homes. The ones with porches looked the most welcoming to me.

  10. Such variety! Love these photos. Please come share them at

  11. I enjoyed the variety of houses you showed us. But big or small, home is where the heart is.

  12. I am very happy in my modest suburban home.

  13. Gorgeous collection of houses! I especially love the one with the murals.

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. When we have a roof over our heads and food in our belly, we really are lucky! Love all the houses you found.

  15. So interesting to see these houses, it's a completely other style then we have here !


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