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The Heart & Art In Disheartened

A clever little girl named Vicky, with a creative spark and in possession of the Penelope book, was inspired by its cover. Her delightful drawing was a lovely surprise that swept me away as if by a balloon bouquet. There are activities one can do that will bring joy to someone near or far. Magical journeys include travels of the imagination, and play, resulting in something heartening, today's prompt for Poets and Storytellers United.
A little girl at Crescent Beach delighted passersby simply by making bubbles. Each one would prettily float and quickly pop. These effervescent seconds held wonder as we watched the frail translucent creations catch the shimmering light, then vanish.
Besides the playfulness of children, what could be more heartening than a family pet that never tires of retrieving whatever his master throws out to fetch.
Some things carelessly tossed onto Earth's floor also needed retrieving. I didn't take a picture of the volunteers collecting bags of litter but it was heartening to see good folk doing useful work keeping the shoreline pristine for friends and stangers to enjoy.
A sailboat in the distance was a much needed serene scene ... a diversion from nearly insurmountable obstacles we must overcome and disheartening, heartbreaking, painful events in the news. Our globe is sorely tarnished but still afloat at its golden hour.
Find a surprise beneath the petals of an iris in a brief video at Mystic Meandering

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Because the state of our planet is the most pressing issue of our time, link up and learn about the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.

The Farthest Journey

The word "escape" suddenly came to mind when reading the Poets and Storytellers United prompt: What would you say to bear witness to these times?

The urgent needs of the planet are overlooked at our peril due to squabbling and wars. So as a few try to resolve issues, plans to flee from what we wrought hover in infancy.

Crescent Beach Pier
To humankind, the galaxy, out of curiosity and necessity, is a mystery to unravel, explore and master. I'd like to think we will go on in some unknowable fashion in the far distant future and exist as peace-loving specks of light in a cosmic sea. Until then, we could transcend our differences with global clarity of purpose. "We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools," said Martin Luther King Jr., perhaps knowing that the farthest journey is sometimes from one heart to the other.

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Because the state of our planet is the most pressing issue of our time, link up and learn about the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.


Infinitely Timeless Or Melting Minutes?

The question of time comes to mind in a poem I wrote (above) for the theme, “stay curious”. The linear passage, yet circling, of time  piqued my curiosity as I grew older and I have wondered if this construct exists at all as we see it. In my quest, I stumbled upon writings by Daria Bocicova that I will read several times to grasp. Not a scientist, her observations are no less well formulated. Quoting from her article briefly: "When people think that celestial changes or seasonal changes associated with the Earth's position around the Sun are time, it's like thinking that a fish swimming in an aquarium is water. In fact, a tank is like space, and water is like time. Water fills the tank, and it's everywhere. If it wasn't, the fish wouldn't be able to move and would be dead, despite all the space in the aquarium." Bocicova goes on to say, "Time itself is neither linear nor circular. It does not flow or move but allows others to do so. So the cycles we observe have nothing to do with time, except that time will enable them to exist."

Time seems to be of no concern to this heron scouting for fish at the ocean shore. 

Why should he care when he has the infinite sky, salty sea and now to explore?

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Because the state of our planet is the most pressing issue of our time, link up and learn about the  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.

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