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Dream, Imagine, Believe In Better Tomorrows

"The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows." - George William Curtis.
Sometimes it's as if the sky has a day planner of weather events it must do. White snowy caps arrived on schedule, Dec. 21, the official first day of winter. Flakes rapidly settled on roofs and roads, weighing down unsuspecting trees and blooms.
Gleeful sounds of children eager to play in the puffy white were heard up the road. 
One cap (above) grew as tall as Marge Simpson's hairdo.  
Branches hugged and huddled in the bitter chill.
Faster and faster the flakes fell. 
Glittering Christmas lights hid beneath pillows of snow. 
The blinding blur came a few days too early for Christmas though.
Before long B.C.'s coastal rain started needling the winter wonderland.

Digging out from what fast became icy slush wasn't pretty.

Soon the birds flew back to feast on frozen left-over berries ... swallowing them whole. Our holiday dinner was a little warmer and more slowly digested. 

Sadly, nothing lasts forever but it's good to know 2020 will melt away. It's been a traumatic year for some more than others. The three candles that lit up my Christmas table said: dream, imagine, believe. As the vaccines roll out amid societal ills exposed, hopes for better tomorrows are as plentiful as the blizzard of flakes that briefly fell. 

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