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Building Sandcastles Setting Worries Aside

From the ongoing pandemic, earthquakes, heartbreaking political unrest, too little rain here but too much rain there, to my blog seeming to vanish temporarily when playing with computer settings ... there's nothing to worry about in this world. At least that's how it seemed as people flocked like seagulls to Crescent Beach, building sandcastles knowing they won't last and feeding lettuce to sand turtles that don't eat. It was all about enjoying the moments after last week's luscious long one-day rainfall. Digging ourselves out of increased heat spells clearly won't be as easy or nearly as much fun.
A boy looked onto a watery pathway snaking through the sand at low tide.
The beach was a hugh canvas where he could explore and create but where to start?
Up the street a big puddle waved as if knowing it was doomed to dry up soon.
Mmmm ... a cat munched on sweet wet grasses.
The red and green leaves in my backyard seemed happy and vibrant.
I was reminded of nearby White Rock beach and its hugely successful Sandcastle Festival in the late 80s. I found a couple of pictures in my album. It was the last of its kind for quite some time as the small City became overwhelmed with visitors, not all with the best of intentions. What began as a great idea, like many human endeavors, evolved almost beyond control. Can a positive turned negative turn positive again? Maybe, if we work together as thoughtfully as these sandcastle builders did. 
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