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Season Of Enchantments & A Christmas Wish

When he was a boy, my nephew carved several wooden reindeer to give as Christmas gifts to the family. Mine is a particularly delightful fellow. His stone nose, twig antlers and red ribbon held up beautifully over the years. The creativity and kind thoughts behind the handmade present still leaves me feeling a little enchanted as do many seasonal marvels that, this year, appear wrapped in the finery of fluctuating weather.  

We've had buckets of rain. It's caused a lot of pain in some areas but for me it's been about capturing the luscious and large bouncy waves in agitated puddles. 
At night the light from a street lamp casts its golden glow making the rain sparkle.

On some mornings, frost covers the roofs of houses making it all the more cozy inside. 

Cloudy cosmic ice patterns form on abandoned patios. 

Seasonal lights, float like musical notes in the air, bringing colour to the night. 

Benches catch the drops, and bouquets, where someone once enjoyed the view.

Sea splatter sprays on wind-tossed days as if to refresh the spirit of the season.   

Since my last post, everything from slushy snow to needle-sharp hail fell but no tornadoes. The vast devastation caused by extreme weather in Mayfield, Kentucky recently is difficult to grasp. Poignantly, a factory making Christmas candles was one of the hardest hit. As we now light candles to honour the lost let's also honour life by illuminating leaders on how seriously we wish they would address climate change. 

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Still the kid I used to be

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Because the state of our planet is the most pressing issue of our time, link up and learn about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.