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Rosy Creations At The Crescent Beach Artisan Fair

The urge to create is vast ... people are busily gluing, nailing, moulding, shaping or painting physically and/or virtually, diving deeply into their imaginations that often stay hidden from public view until a fair comes along. Crescent Beach businesses, in conjunction with Bayview Arts, said good-bye to Halloween and hello to the Christmas season by hosting an outdoor artisan event. It was a chilly Saturday but spring was in the air with my rosy umbrella and particularly the floral prints and wearable art (pictured below) by Caroline Baasch with whom I shared a spot along Beecher Street. 

A few remnants of the Halloween spirit could still be seen in the community.  

Autumn leaves cushioned the cold ground. 

 My umbrella was a calling card. 

Although it didn’t rain during the event, there were some large puddles and, in other areas of British Columbia, major flooding due to an atmospheric river weather system.

I showcased prints of some of my favorite photographs. The children's book, handcrafted greeting cards as well as prints of Penelope paintings were also on hand. 

Caroline's work (below) made beautiful bouquets at her table. 

Her floral depictions were a breath of fresh air amid the creeping wintry chill.

Each scarf, covering and tea towel was a retreat into a warm welcoming spring garden.

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Still the kid I used to be

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