After The Gloom, Signs Of Brightness Along My Way

There's been too much gloom so now that skies had cleared my mission was to focus on small signs of brightness like the billowy white clouds scattered over the horizon.

Someone took the time to carve out a mini library, a literal home for an exchange of literature. Just as a seed knows how to be a flower, the mind knows how to grow, not only by observing, but also through reading books of fact and fiction.

Nearby, I saw foliage reflected in the glass door of a house. It seemed the lovely illusions were a gateway to a magical forest. I imagined stepping inside.

What's real isn't always clear but it's certainly true there are vast numbers of almost everything, from blades of grass, to holly berries, to grains of sand to stars. It's exciting to contemplate existence isn't designed to seed just one of anything.

Out of simplicity a staggering complexity of duplicating patterns emerge that appear similar but are never exactly the same. Giving new meaning to "when it rains it pours", mind-bending cosmic creations are set to "repeat" like the drops that suddenly fell.

Water swirled rapidly down a drain that was strangely reminiscent of our solar system. Rain burst onto the dusty leaves in a drenching good-bye to summer.

Next early morning, if you look closely, you'll see me (below) trying, unsuccessfully, to do justice to the luscious drops streaming down my patio glass door.

Duplicating patterns amaze, particularly when considering that the whole of something is made up of ever-diminishing smaller-scale versions of itself. See what I mean in an earlier post Freakishly Fantastic Fractals. If you have a minute, check it out.

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