Head In The Clouds & Six Feet Apart

Servers at data centers all over our world bridge the physical and virtual. Imagine being without phones, technology or the internet "cloud" that in part enabled me to share photos of real clouds during early morning walks. Such brief jaunts might at some point stop should more people be outdoors as the season progresses.

I went at low populated times and where most people obey the rules to stay apart.

Baby-green willow strands were as sparsely spaced as the walkers.

New-born shoots had sprung up everywhere at a local nature park.

Ghostly figures, wrapped in white, swam the blue sky with broad painterly strokes.

Storm clouds were way off in the distance and the forested park path beckoned.

I saw no puddles, no crowds, but some odd things at my feet begged for attention.

Trees shaped like monsters followed my footsteps with questioning gazes, seeming to ask about life returning to normal. Perhaps life never will. Some new habits could stick and result in a happier planet, even when we no longer need to travel six feet apart.

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