Beneath The Pillowy Blue

"What is unknown until you do it is that there is this pillow, this soft blue. Look at the beauty of that colour - it’s so thin and you’re through it in an instant." - W. Shatner 

Barely audible amid the gleeful chatter of his younger fellow travelers, 90-year old Star Trek star, William Shatner, was rife with emotion and teary-eyed when he returned from his first true encounter with outer space. Seeing Earth pale and vulnerable in the distance, floating in an inky black well, was clearly impactful. He saw the planet's thin covering hovering, like the flimsy substance over an eyeball, absorbing harmful ultraviolet light. Varying from some nine and 18 miles above us, this ozone layer is a necessity for life. Poking through the protective "lens" with human inventions likely does it no good yet first-hand visual reports such as Shatner's provide remarkable awareness and empathy for the globe. Although no view compares to Earth in space, here are the autumn scenes I found recently on the ground beneath the "pillowy" blue.

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