Light As A Feather

I took the sky shot in 2014 at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. My hair and more have changed since the photo (below) was taken but I still look at clouds and imagine, trying to fill my head with a little more serenity now. Despite the dreams that have fled, ideas bloom and maybe some will land on welcoming soil.
Human nature moves us to imagine different realities but some dreams, even those not particularly grand, can elude us. Sometimes we need to modify our desires or dig in more passionately and try harder. The Poets and Storytellers prompt "light as a feather" made me think of how deceptively light a dream can feel until it hits a stone wall. And for every dream there can be strings attached to spin us back into unending circles. Perhaps this why being out in the open air is refreshing. In times of peace and space, aspirations can be limitless and all things seem possible, especially in Spring.
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