Are Tulips Family?

A tulip is more than a pretty cup. It's atomic structure is also in the DNA fabric of human existence. Petal soft, organic and multi-coloured, people, too, need sunlight, air and water to survive and reproduce. The "death by a thousand cuts" styled on the bloom (below) is just one variety of flower that inspires human happiness. 

Seeds from thousands of flower types scatter to settle and grow in faraway places. 

People pick themselves up and move about, too, but they never fully shed their roots. 

Humans and plants share some similar growth patterns and some argue that a semblance of problem-solving  consciousness exists in plants, if not self-awareness.

But plants don't have a brain so humans are considered more akin to other living things such as birds. (A wing and human arm perform differently but share embryonic origins.) 

Petals or skin, feathers or fur, the unifying force of life is said to stem from a single-celled organism formed billions of years ago, the "mother" of all things.  

For Mother's Day, I dedicate this post to moms from all the ages, including my mother (above) whom I remember as being lovely, soft and sweet as any tulip that ever grew. 

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