Angry Birds

"If you have one true friend you have more than your share." - Thomas Fuller

The snow had melted in the gritty birdbath that stands in my backyard and is full of broken needles, dirt and leaves.

Judging by its expression, the bird was none too happy with the untidy conditions. Nonetheless, it splashed in the tub for several seconds while I took its picture through the glass window from an upper floor of the house. Suddenly another bird appeared.

It was its turn to take a bath but the first bird (below) wasn't budging. A conversation ensued. It didn't take a translator to figure out the issue was being resolved with a rapid flapping of feathers. The second bird was given a chance to wet its wings alone. 

Before long the companion birds flew off ... still friends who would squabble but travel through life sharing everything but a wash in a birdbath too cramped for two. 

Humankind are birds of a feather, too, who must share and work together yet some could not shower, bathe or drink recently in Texas due to a man-made disaster caused by extreme weather and an infrastructure failure foreseen but denied for years. It resulted in some very "angry birds" having to melt snow for water. 

At the same time, man and womankind were profoundly proud that a scientific global community exercising friendship, ingenuity, perseverance and common sense resulted in a touchdown on Mars. This is how humanity will fly off Earth together one day.   


Still the kid I used to be

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