Van Gogh's Paintings On The Wall & Chalk-Art On The Road

Busy as a swarm of bees in a vast and starry cosmic sea it is not uncommon to create buzz or want to leave our mark in some unique way. Sometimes it's a compulsion that drives us as it was for artist Vincent Van Gogh who began painting in his late twenties until his early death by apparent suicide in 1890 at the age of 37. Underappreciated in his time, it was beyond his scope to imagine his work would garner world-wide fame and millions upon millions of dollars. He was wonder-filled but perhaps lacked insight into how to achieve a contented life. A melancholy man whose work now evokes so much joy is a sad irony. Stepping into his paintings felt a bit like stepping onto his soul. Floating large and carefree at Imagine Van Gogh In Vancouver, his creations projected onto walls were thrilling to see. These are my photos of the event with exception of the last one of locally drawn chalk-art. The seahorse on the road by an unknown artist will wash away in the next rain slow to arrive. I'm guessing it might have gotten approval even from Van Gogh who through miracles of talent and chance left a legacy to last.

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