Costs To NOT Relocating White Rock-Crescent Beach Train Track

Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Crescent Beach, BC

I'd like to say bye-bye for good to the trains busily running back and forth each day along the coastal track through White Rock and Crescent Beach; both are seaside communities and people-magnets. At one time a wistful vision of adventure whistling around the bend and vital sole connector for isolated towns, the train evolved into an unintentional killing machine. Yes, the foolish play games and walk in danger zones along the track but who among us hasn't been foolish or done dangerous things, especially in youth? The passenger train from Seattle to Vancouver slips more swiftly and easily down the track than one imagines and the lumbering string of freight trains carrying tanks and boxcars of dangerous goods blocks access to Crescent Beach regularly, including emergency vehicles, for long stretches of time. It would be expensive to move the track to a less populated area. Links to articles listed (below) show, however, that doing nothing has unintended greater costs.

Articles reporting on people struck by the trains:

The Crescent Beach community cut off from all vehicle access (that includes emergency) for 45 minutes:

A few of my posts over the years (below) about the increasingly busier railway track:

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