Cobbling Together A Homey Structure At Ocean Park's Orchard

A home fit for humans and hobbits was the perfect inclusion to the relatively new Ocean Park Orchard in Surrey.

I had a look in the early stages of construction and wrote about it (and bees) HERE.

The ancient-inspired cob house walls were made from clay, hay and sand. The frame of the structure took on the twists and turns natural to the branches of local trees, primarily cedar. It was a work of art and a work in progress.

The walls weren't finished when I first stepped in but a few weeks later things looked different. A talented craftsman (below) was installing some finishing touches inside, including colored glass to bring in some light once all the walls and door were up.

First Nation's depiction of a whale added more vibrancy to the space.

The construct of ingenuity is so simple an ambitious man or woman could possibly fashion one of their own with basic tools. In this case, the cozy cob construction is slated to be a shed housing tools for the surrounding orchard and gardens.

With real estate prices sky high and talk of tiny homes of 400 square feet or less, perhaps a cob re-emergence in the future is not that far-fetched?

The oldest cob house, said to be 10,000-years-old, was discovered in Jerusalem.

Such longevity in this current tear-down disposable age is remarkable.

Seems like this little house in Ocean Park has potential to outlive the current locals.

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  1. Hello, the cob houses are neat. I love the whale window. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

  2. That's a fascinating construction technique! What a fabulous job those craftspeople/artists are doing on the one in your Park (and how fun to watch as it progresses). And the history and picture of the ancient surviving one is really interesting. I am a huge fan of small space living, so that part of it also really appeals.

  3. What a lovely little building.

  4. Those cute structures are so lovely and would certainly be a good model for something very useful in our property. It can house all my garden things.

  5. That was an interesting post as I've not heard of cob houses before. Maybe they will make a resurgence. That whale window is delightful.

  6. What a great place to find!

  7. Wow! The building is gorgeous. I suddenly want to build something.

  8. Oh wow, love this place. Thanks for sharing.


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