Seahorse Explosion

SCANNING the sky for clouds I was surprised to find dozens of seahorses on a mesh fence by the swimming pool and tennis courts at Crescent Beach. The colorfully painted fish with a horse's snout and fish's tail were a marvelous site in the foreground during a recent walk. This seahorse explosion was probably a summer project for children.

On closer inspection each creation had a unique touch and eye-catching elements.

One seahorse (below) was having a birthday.

Instead of the usual drops from the sky it rained seahorses that day.

A seahorse on another fence nearby (below) made of straw was touched by sunlight. In reality, these adorable tiny creatures could be going extinct around the globe but there's no shortage of stylized versions in the seaside community of Crescent Beach.

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  1. Hello, the seahorse fence is cute. The Seahorses are adorable. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and the weekend ahead!

  2. What a fun series of shots. I'll bet the kiddos love the seahorses! Very colorful.

  3. What a darling bunch (herd?) of seahorses!

  4. I like both types. adorable.

  5. Fun project for the kids ... and a cheerful way to brighten up a necessary plain old wire fence. I remember being fascinated with the idea of seahorses. Could it be possible that you used to be able to order them from the back of comic books or am I thinking of some other sea creature (it's been a longgggg long time!) ... In any case, my mother wouldn't let me buy them.


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