Watermelon Striped Beetle With Ancient Connections

Not as big as a dog's paw the over one-inch long beetle was still large enough to easily spot at the public washroom wall by the Crescent Beach swimming pool.

Still as a stone and dwarfed by the Dalmatian hovering over it on a mural, the dead bug's apparent heritage could be significant. If it evolved from the Scarab family of beetles, its likeness can be seen in Egyptian art, jewelry and religious symbols.

The insect reminded me of images I'd seen in museums displaying ancient Egyptian artifacts. I leafed through a book sitting on my shelf for years called Tutankhamen (Editions Ferni, Geneva 1978) and found a possible ancestor on a pendant below.

The scarab symbolized rebirth and good fortune.

For me the insect was a rebirth of a blog and a way to display my pictures differently with a new template. Dead or alive the beetle feels like a good omen that will breath new life into my passion for photography ..... once I get all the bugs out!

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  1. Hmmmm … maybe I've seen one too many Mummy movies to be a big scarab fan … thanks for the interesting history.

    1. Glad you found me, Angie! Now I know I exist out there digitally somewhere on this new site. Seems like scarabs are scary and cool all at the same time. :)

  2. how lovely to find you in a new spot Maria. I was fascinated when I first learned (many years ago) about ancient Egyptians and scarab beetle jewelry -- we used to see those striped beetles when I was growing up in Washington State and it make me think about them in a quite different way. Hadn't thought about that in years and I enjoyed this post and the memories very much.

  3. That mural is stunning!! And what a cool bug.

  4. I love it - that first shot is a perfect juxtaposition!

  5. What a lovely bug. Thanks for the info, too. Interesting.


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