Where The Wind Blows, The Mind Goes

"Don't let the winds blow your dreams away ... " - Vin Scully

It's frequently breezy near the water's edge at Crescent Beach. That's when the kites come out. Some "butterflies" get stuck high up in the trees and nest there for months before taken down, their beauty of movement halted, tangled and sometimes torn.

Birds with high-pitched screeches oversee it all, free to fly from the tallest branches.

The stronger the breeze the more windsurfers (below) take to the sea. 

Their large moon-shaped kites are mere specks to the city dwellers across the bay.

Rapidly moving air isn't visible to the eye but it is felt and its ghostly effects seen. 

A couple appeared content to sit and perhaps dream while watching the wind whisk sparse clouds across the mountaintops.  Having a mind-adventure of my own and inspired by the painterly scene, a little photo editing set my imagination adrift. 

Would the pair be together for over 70 years the way Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were? Prince Philip died on April 9th and was my reason for selecting the tiara from my dusty photo files. Turbulent winds blew in his lifetime but commitment to country, a healthier planet, the well-being of his bride and loyalty to the crown were steadfast.  

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Hello,

    Pretty views of the kites, windsurfers and the mountains. I like the edited photo, it would be a beautiful scene for a painting. Awesome shot of the Eagle. RIP Prince Philip! Take care, have a happy day and a great new week!

  2. ...a"mind-adventure"... I like that! :) I need more adventures these days... How amazing that Prince Philip lived so long. We recently watched several seasons of "The Crown". He was quite a character :) Lots of adventures in his life, representing "the Crown." Nothing would hold him down. And now he has taken flight - untethered - like the kites...

  3. Wonderfull kites and view over the lake with these snow capped mountains is absolutely stunning beautiful photos.
    Prince Philip has lived a long and eventful live and has made lots of good changes

  4. We are 51 years together and I am not a queen. In their case a divorce was impossible ! But I think he was not an easy man to live with (in private of course) Your pictures are beautiful !

  5. I love your photoessay on wind. Great edit on the scene with the couple.

  6. “ Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I...” but your photo series lets us feel it! The painterly picture is lovely (I would be happy to hang it on my wall!). The kites are a perfect metaphor and I am glad you found the tiara picture to remember Prince Philip who was steadfast in his strength and support.

  7. There seems to have been a spate of kite flying here of late, not an activity I often see.

  8. Beautiful shots! The bird shot is amazing.

  9. RIP for Prince Philip...
    I love to play with kites when I was a kid... wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing beautiful images.

  10. Beautiful pics! Some of my favorites are the eagle and couple.

  11. To borrow Yogi's words, nice “photo-essay on wind”! Crescent Beach looks one of the best places to fly a kite or do wind surfing. Kite flying is thought to be winter play, especially around the New Year traditionally, in my part of the world. I like to pull a kite to catch wind before let it soaring high. I love the painterly scene in the wider view.


  12. Lovely post and photos ~ Wind can be awesome and terrifying at times ~ love the kites and I was saddened by Prince Philips death ~ he was such a model for being a gentleman and that generation will be missed ~ no heroes left ~ Be safe ~ be well ~ Xo

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  13. Love the photo editing on that picture of the couple. It sure looks like a terrific painting.

    I am sure Philip and Elizabeth had their trials and tribulations (!), but they stayed together nevertheless ...

  14. Splendid series of photos and thank you for mentioning Philip and Elizabeth. I was quite sad for them when I heard the news.


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