Views From Outside The Shoe Box

As above, so below, as within, so without. - Hermes Trismegistus

I know a woman who lived in a shoe box when compared to the "palaces" built today. Her small red cottage, framed by a white picket fence, was where she housed her treasures ... the antique furnishings and yard-sale memorabilia she adopted over the years. She put her whole heart into creating a cozy haven. But when she sold the home to move closer to her family, it all disappeared. Not a single shingle or coddled bit of shrubbery remains. A new house is on its way and soon few will know that the cottage existed. I regret not having pictures of her home but I still found much to see in the neighbourhood. While the empty lot waits for walls, the words engraved at the Kwomais Park Labyrinth nearby imply the outer world reflects the inner and that we are each a glint born of remarkable star power like the tree, stone, bird and flower.

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  1. The story of the cottage reminds me of the impermanence of all things... Or, the rebirth/transformation of all things into something else. into a different form. I guess it depends on one's perspective - the lens that we see through. :)

    1. I see it similarly my mystic friend. “In nature, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed,” observed the famous chemist Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier.

  2. Cute story and very nice pictures ! After summer weather we are back into winter and perhaps snow ! Crazy world !

  3. Poignant...some say it’s only a building and “stuff” and they are right. But the other view is also correct... a human being created a joyful life in that little cottage. I hope some respect was given.

  4. Hearing about the story of the cottage made me feel sad.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  5. That’s the sad outcome of real estate development everywhere.

  6. Hello, Penelope. The disappearance of the red small cottage is like this; when a person passes away, not only the body but also all the inner life - thoughts, cherished ideas, secrets, etc.- are gone. I agree with Mystic Meandering and your narratives. All the things are in flux through the endless circle of transmigration. Nice photos fitting to the theme as always.


  7. It is a tragedy that bigger, more ostentatious, more-energy consuming, larger carbon footprint, has become the object of desire for so many. How much space does anyone need, and how many rooms in these monster homes are hardly used at all?

  8. Sad to hear about the cottage ~ I treasure those sorts of houses yet the trend now is to 'tear down' and build big ~ Lovely post and delightful nature photos ~ all very creative ~ Xo

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. the place looks so beautiful...
    the story of red cottage owner is impressive.

    Have a great day

  10. The story is a reminder of the imprints we leave behind. Although there is no physical evidence of the cottage it is still present in your mind and memories of others.

  11. I have been looking more and more at what they call tiny homes and am in love with most of them. We don’t live in anything too palatial but I would still like to downsize into something like those I see on the TV. What a shame that lady’s cottage is no more, it sounded like quite a treasure. Thoroughly enjoy your photos and the angles you choose, especially on the sunglasses. A lovely series :)

  12. Maria - I found that story a bit sad ... but I know it is reality. We all want to leave some legacy, or to be remembered, but that won't be true for most of us. Lovely photos.


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