Visual Impressions From A Not So Sharp-Eyed Photographer

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

I don't take the Proust quote (above) literally but since I can barely see past my nose without eyewear, I appreciate how great it must be to spot a mouse, or backyard pet, from what could be a two to three-mile distance.  

My visuals are much closer to home than that of the always watchful eagle, although the modest zoom lens on my handheld camera helps somewhat. 

The bird sees more vividly than I, the Coastal Mountains and homes across the bay ... 
and it sees more clearly the children at play. 

With superior colour vision, it can see the Crescent Beach pier in ways I do not. 

I wonder, does its gaze ever stop at the sunbeam constellations below the pier? 

The bird and I watched the boat "Crazy" whiz by. We scanned big puddles at low tide.  

Despite Covid-19, visitors from the film industry stirred-up the scenery. The 80's movie Turner and Hooch is being remade into a television series, minus its star Tom Hanks.  

Set designers were at work on location. I wondered about the circle.

Large machinery (above) was to control the lighting and maybe get a bird's eye view? Below, a camera with a lens that perhaps could surpass the eagle's capabilities.

Filming is disruptive but the masked crew were respectful of locals weaving in and out.

I learned the circle was part of an upcoming wedding scene. 

Parking was scarce because of the many trucks containing everything from costumes, to food, to electronics. The film industry creates a lot of jobs and has suffered sorely during this pandemic that still rages on. I needed a quieter place to walk for a while.

The next day I went to Elgin Heritage Park, a 3-km trail of woods and wetlands on the banks of the Nicomekl River. There, I found a more peaceful setting.

The river flows into the bay at Crescent Beach, the eagle's long-distance view away. 

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Hello,

    Beautiful capture of the eagle and the gorgeous views. I wish I had the eyes of an eagle.. Great quote! Take care, have a happy day and a great week!

  2. I love the Juvenile Eagle pictures (am missing the nest we live near in Florida) and the vision comparisons. ... We once watched a movie being made on the beach near our (temporary) winter RV home spot in CAlifornia. It was interesting to watch for a couple of days, but then we also found a quieter spot to beachcomb and walk. I’m glad you did too ... and yours is even more peaceful and beautiful. By the way, we later watched the movie they were making and I think there was about ten minutes of film that we could recognize as “our beach” where they had filmed for well over a week!

  3. Enjoyed your views from the eagle's viewpoint. Exciting though it must be watching the film making I can understand your need to walk in quieter areas. Enjoy a peaceful week.

  4. Thats quite an event to be witness off and your eagle shot is as sharp as its eyesight. I like it.

  5. agree with you about eagle distinctive eyes....
    you captured pretty and great images .... excellent job.

  6. Wow ~ awesome photos ~ especially the eagle ones and love the little children at play ~ You have a creative eye ~ Excellent!

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  7. A fun tour! Someone is getting married in that TV show.

  8. Wow - amazing shots of the eagle! Lovely.

  9. Each and every photo is lovely, Penelope, as always. The photos of the majestic Eagle or big puddles at low tide are my favorites, but my eyes were glued to the “sunbeam constellations”, so magical and fantastic. With the help of telephoto lens, we can see and photograph farther things but in narrower view. Flying solitary and see the world from an Eagle eyes view is awesome. (Maybe you know already BBC Earth.)

  10. Bald Eagles are quite common here in southern Ontario and are becoming more so with each passing year, but I was very much looking forward to seeing them on Vancouver Island. We have a trip planned but COVID prevents us from following through, unfortunately. I am starting to think this will never end!

  11. What a magnificent and noble bird, and that view, wow! A very cute scene of the children. It is an interesting world they are growing up in. The sign says it all but our little ones are resilient. Glistening water and sunshine are always magical. Interesting about the TV show filming there. I remember Turner and Hooch well but didn’t know about the series. I will be tuning in when it arrives. Glad you found your quiet place to walk, that also looked magical :)

  12. Thank you for sharing. Wonderful captures. I enjoyed reading.

    Have a good week.
    Stay healthy.


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