Make A Wish!

I want to believe that wishes come true despite the skeptics. Wishing, in fact, is exactly what many of us do and have done for centuries on our birthdays. The tradition might have started with the ancient Greeks who prayed to a mythical moon goddess over round-shaped cakes topped with lit candles. They hoped, it is said, that when blown out, the rising smoke would keep evil spirits away. Whatever helps, eh?

As time when on, it evolved into a personal wish ... just one ... not three like in Aladdin's story. It's a tough choice. What should it be? My mom would have said health. The more altruistic would say world peace. The one living in the moment might say winning great gobs of cash or a coveted job. Whatever it is, it must be kept secret. That is the bargain we make with the universe we hope will manifest our desires.

Not wanting to break any spells, I won't reveal the one wish I made last week when I forgot it was my birthday. A box of chocolates and tiny cake left on the table for me to find in the morning was my first clue. Should I have wished for a better memory?

In the evening, more desserts (above) arrived unexpectedly. I am always grateful for sweet surprises and memorialized the moment as well as others. Below are photos from my recent walks amid a typical West Coast mix of cloud, sun and drizzle.

An ornate gate framed the sea in Ocean Park.

A lone tree stood tall overlooking Semiahmoo Bay.

Clouds obscured the Coastal Mountains and hovered around the Alex Fraser Bridge.

Clouds coloured the sea gray on this particular day.

Whitecaps surged like horses' manes when the wind swept through. 

A little boy enjoyed the waves. He looked for stones to cast into the water.

A small puddle waited for someone to jump in and make a splash.

A big shade tree leaned over the lawn. Leaves quietly stirred but were not visible yet.

Plumes of gray smoke at the foot of snow-peaked mountains across the bay were not keeping evil spirits away, although I wished that they could.

Above, the giant smoldering candle-shaped industrial chimney was perhaps damaging the environment? White cloudy trails are sometimes simply water evaporating though.

Most trees at Crescent Beach were winter bare, their branches gnarled.

The ocean lapped onto the mostly empty squishy shore.

Eagles scanned their kingdom while a man at the pier (below) surveyed his horizons.

Nestled in shrubbery (below) I could see it wasn't only me having a birthday. 

Poof! How quickly the years have flown. 

But there's still a distance that we will go.

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Still the kid I used to be

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Because the state of our planet is the most pressing issue of our time, link up and learn about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report.


  1. Such a beautiful Winter walk... I would love that beach. And I love how you documented the small and vast moments that made it so beautiful! That’s the thing about a perfect walk — everywhere you look there are wonders. ..... Happy Belated Birthday. Who needs a good memory, when someone wonderful remembers the Day so sweetly!

  2. I am glad you are the kid you used to be. Enjoyed your cyber wish which was presented as an art form. Really, really, really, really lovely blog. Today, your photos and words touched my heart and soul. Thank you. Wishing you several days of chocolate!

  3. Happy belated birthday. Love the photos, especially the one with the snowy mountain peaks!

  4. Happy belated Birthday! I always kept my birthday wishes a secret. The cakes and chocolates look yummy. Beautiful views of the water and mountains, nice place for a walk. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Scrumptious delights for your February birthday :) Yummy!
    Great pics - as always. Love the seagull and those gorgeous snow capped mountains hanging in the air... All in all a birthday delight :)

  6. Maria - belated happy birthday, and I hope your wish comes true! I like (good) surprises, like flowers when you are not expecting them!

  7. Happy belated Birthday, Penelope! Just now I learned the origin of blowing out candle on a round birthday cake. Your beach walks always make me envious; if I had to choose only one place for a walk, it’s seaside. My favorite image is the fourth and all the beach photos are nice and evocative making me feel, smell, and hear. Wish your birthday wish come true.


  8. Beautiful views! I’m wishing for desserts like that! Happy birthday!

  9. Happy Birthday ~ and what gorgeous photos on your walk ~

    Happy Week to you,

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. Fabulous shots! And belated happy birthday.

  11. happy birthday.....hope, what you wish comes true....

    # Like your mother, my wish is to have good health....
    - my another wish is to have good memory in the coming years.....

  12. Happy Birthday!! You may have forgot but somebody didn't!!

  13. Happy birthday, Maria. We are just a day apart. I don't wish to be overly pedantic but the apostrophe is in the wrong place above - it should be be horses' manes - or a horse's mane - but not horse's manes!

    1. Appreciate your eagle eye! Haha … I knew better and made the correction for I am speaking of many horses, not just one, unless one horse has many manes. :)

  14. What a nice post ! and such lovely pictures !!

  15. Oh Happy belated birthday Maria I hope you had a wonderful day and the cakes look delicious. I believe in wishes as well and won't break the magic either with my favourite wish
    You live n a beautiful area Mountains and the sea What more could you wish for Take care

  16. Happy birthday to you late. Love the shots on your walks. I find being outdoors is often helpful for me.


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