Light As A Feather

I took the sky shot in 2014 at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C. My hair and more have changed since the photo (below) was taken but I still look at clouds and imagine, trying to fill my head with a little more serenity now. Despite the dreams that have fled, ideas bloom and maybe some will land on welcoming soil.
Human nature moves us to imagine different realities but some dreams, even those not particularly grand, can elude us. Sometimes we need to modify our desires or dig in more passionately and try harder. The Poets and Storytellers prompt "light as a feather" made me think of how deceptively light a dream can feel until it hits a stone wall. And for every dream there can be strings attached to spin us back into unending circles. Perhaps this why being out in the open air is refreshing. In times of peace and space, aspirations can be limitless and all things seem possible, especially in Spring.
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  1. Beautiful post. I still dream about being a cloud, floating in the wind across the soft Oklahoma landscape, hills, mountains, plains.

  2. Lovely images. I am looking for some colour around here!

  3. ...these days, walking on the beach is more to my liking than the sky shot!

  4. Gorgeous photos. I really like the first one (but wouldn't want to be up there!)/

  5. Love the poem and photos. I love the shot of the people running on the beach and the pretty flowers. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  6. "in times of peace and space, aspirations can be limitless and all things seem possible" - absolutely... that peace and space is vital both outside and within. Well said.

  7. Those fractal-like flowers are portals! Here's to flying dreams and ideas to bloom.

  8. Wonderful series of photos ~ great sky shot ~ and lovely florals ~ think Spring!

    Wishing you good health, laughter and love in your days ~
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. There's always a stone wall, but inevitable collision lets us know how much substance there is in that dream

  10. lovely images..light as the feather cool as the weather

  11. Yes, sometimes a 'stone' can break our dreams.
    Mosty time, like the pie in McArthur's Park, can't retrieve the dream.

    1. Yes, and like the cake melting in the rain. What an apt and wondrous analogy the song, and you, put forth here.

  12. I love the image you chose .. I love the poem you gifted us.

  13. I am fearful of heights - but I love the mountains (and a good guard rail!). Beautiful words and photos!

  14. I enjoy the poem, the images, your reflections ... and like Margaret I have a height phobia, so will enjoy the whirling in the air as a view seen safely from the ground.

  15. Keep on dreaming Maria -- and thank you for sharing the beauty of your thoughts and your surroundings.


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