From Sea To Shining Sea

Canada covers a vast territory from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic. Some take time to explore the entire breadth of the country to fully experience the diverse landscapes. Others take quick flights over what is the second largest country on the planet. Russia has the world's largest land mass but wants more. Almost twice the size of Canada, Russia's brutal regime nonetheless covets Ukraine, homeland of my parents.
People come from all parts of the globe to Canada in search of a peaceful existence.
Whether settling by the sea, alongside mountains or in the prairies ...
they arrive with hope in their hearts and a sense of adventure mixed with trepidation.
Despite the challenges and room for improvements, I am thankful to have been born in Canada, a land that enjoys freedoms and rights not afforded to all citizens of the world.
As I celebrate my luck on Canada Day, a few simple words reminded me that fortunes are not set in stone and can change, in unforeseen ways, conceivably for the better.
Hope flickers brightest in the darker hours, despite existential threats to world peace.
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  1. Happy Canada Day!! Canada is an awesome country and could be a good example for the USA if only more of us would pay attention.
    Canada has also been a great ally of the USA.

  2. I've only visited Canada twice, and would love to vacation there in the future. So much natural beauty!

  3. I love the pic of those flags together. 💙💛

  4. Lovely images, I like the painted rocks. Did you paint these, they looks beautiful. Happy Canada Day! Take care, enjoy your day! Have a happy weekend.

    1. Happy July 4th coming up in the USA, Eileen! I didn't paint the stones but found them along my way. :)

  5. I have heard that when you find the painted stones you can take them and put them someplace else on your journey. Of course, you have the choice to keep the stones too. Happy Canada Day!

    1. Thank you! Interesting! I did not take the stones ... only their photos. :)

  6. I've been to Canada several times. Beautiful country, wonderful people. It's sad to say, if our troubles here in the United States continue to increase, some may bubble over into your wonderful land. Actually, some already have, which is tragic.

  7. A lovely selection of photos!
    (ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

  8. As you probably know, we have many similarities here in the U.S. Now we are experiencing a major shift in our laws, politics and governing bodies by radical extremists, seemingly endangering our way of life. But I love the painted rocks :) They bring some light heartedness to what feels like dire circumstances in the world - especially in Ukraine...I may even go rock hunting and paint some myself - no beach or ocean here, but a back yard, and maybe I could find a creek...:)

  9. Happy belated Canada Day! Canada ranks top in my list of ideal countries for its nature, freedom, and people. I love my country, too, though a little too tradition-bound. The 3rd largest country next to us wants more, too. The painted rocks are all so lovely.


  10. Happy Belated Canada Day! These images are inspiring. We have many Ukranian Flags flying in support throughout our neighborhood, and I see them in the countryside also. I may have mentioned this before, but my heart is with the people of Ukraine.


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