Keep Calm & Go Fishing

“People often think they are going fishing but in reality they are seeking something that fulfills their life and their dreams.” - Henry David Thoreau
Cast out in a sea of stars, Earth is an imperiled spaceship where storms, earthquakes and irrupting volcanoes traumatize, from time to time, the passengers onboard who never can be fully at ease. Fortunately, more peaceful wonders soothe the troubled human psyche. With vivid imaginations at the helm, we explore the corridors of enchantment fishing in calm waters, petting puppies, replicating and imagining seahorses drifting in cloudy skies or building stone inuksuk for passersby. Crescent Beach is a dot on the map of recent sightings I caught when fishing with my camera.
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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Love the Inuksuk! Very creative - finding balance in a chaotic world, or possibly imagining a "portal"/window to another world, or another perspective. Also looks like a Japanese symbol... :) Helps to refocus the mind by doing one of those and seeing it as well... :)

  2. Hello,

    There are peaceful wonders everywhere if we choose to look. I try to focus on more peaceful and happy things, like the cute puppy dog. Cool captures of the heron. The views of the beach and sky are pretty. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.

  3. Maria - great "camera fishing"! My husband the fisherman will complain mildly when he comes home without catching much, but then he will grin and ask how many people got to spend the whole day in nature's beauty?

  4. I keep saying that I'm going to start going fishing again! I loved to fly fish in NC. Enjoyed your post!

  5. So nice seeing water and herons!

  6. Dear Maria - I really love the first image, a fisherman in the starry sea, and your words. The smiling sea horse, a cute pup, well-balancing Inuksuk and the fascinating scenes from the beach…., these are important to our heart in the uncertain ebb and flow of time and emotions.


  7. Great photos!
    Cute little dog!
    And I like the two views of the beach, too

  8. A walk along a beach, especially one devoid of people, is surely one of life's greatest pleasures. There is so much to explore and the key is to do it slowly and take it all in.

  9. Tranquil scenes that soothe the beating heart.

  10. Oh you have such a way with words!!
    I love that puppy!! Nothing better than a puppy or a kitten.

  11. Gorgeous beach/water photos ~ love the quote about fishing and of course that sweet puppy is my favorite ~ Xo

    Living in the moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  12. The puppy is too cute ! and all your pictures peaceful and beautiful ! Fortunately we still have nice places in our world !

  13. Great images and beautifully words!


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