Rainy Daydreams

No, it's not raining yet but I have a glimmer of hope that showers will soon fall wherever needed. Daydreaming about rain I pulled out a scene (above) my daughter captured months ago. It is best not to have too much or too little of the soothing drops streaming down windows. Indeed, the number one topic of casual conversation is the weather that we hope will be "just right". Like Goldilocks picking at her porridge, we wish to enjoy days that are not too hot or too cold, especially after a recent taste of a brief but destructive heat wave. Forests elsewhere in B.C. are on fire and some wonder if sparks from a passing train caused the town of Lytton to burn down. In my area, however, temperatures cooled considerably and it was comfortable walking down familiar pathways seeing life anew.

A cat lazing by the side of the road looked uncomfortably hot in its furry coat. 

A monkey tree was sprouting cones or balls that will likely one day expel seeds.

It is rare to see such a tree. They do provide a nice contrast in some gardens.  

More common is the random piling of rocks known as Inukshuk, a sign of friendship.

Sun umbrellas come out when it isn't raining. This one lit up the beach like a lamp. 

Perhaps the bird, red orb and tree symbolize love, peace, harmony and/or longevity?

We can never have too much of stabilizing factors with weather extremes popping up.

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Beautiful kitty and love the umbrella.

  2. Hello,
    I am so glad your heat wave is over. The fires are scary. I love the monkey tree with the seed balls. The kitty is so cute, I hope he has a home nearby. Pretty umbrella, I like the design with the birds. We can never have TOO much love, peace and harmony. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, Happy Sunday! Have a great new week! PS, thanks for all the past visits and comments on my blog.

  3. Yes, we are very particular about our weather, not too hot, nor too cold but we get what we get. I think the Navajo tribe does it best. From what I understand they don't have rain dances and such. They strive to live in harmony with whatever weather happens.

    That's a fluffy cat you found.

    I don't believe that I have ever seen a Monkey Tree. What fun!!

    I love the umbrella that you have.

    Take care!!

  4. interesting post! beautiful scenary and I love that umbrella :)

  5. Excellent pictures! We had a storm today and it sent the heat away, at least for tonight.

  6. Glad it has cooled down for you. Doubt that cat would ever feel comfortable in the summer with his fur coat on.

  7. Wow. Love the close and closer shots and the color composition in the cat shot. Wow.

  8. Fabulous captures! I especially love those umbrella shots.

    Happy Wednesday!

  9. Great shots of that fabulous umbrella!

  10. Love your photos ! While you don't have enough rain, my feet are transforming into flippers ! It rains and rains and there is flooding in certain regions it's a real catastrophe !

  11. Oh it is so sad all the fires from the heat. Australia is always really affected badly as well. We are lucky as we have average temparatures.
    The cat is beautiful but he must be hot indeed.
    We also have these monkey trees here and like overthere they are rare.
    Take care and I hope you have some rain soon.

  12. Heat and fire here -- flooding rains there. Thank you for doing all you do to remind us of the cause. I'm glad the heat wave has abated to some extent here in the PNW but we still have really scary fires here -- I will not complain about our rain at all ever again (I always say that when it gets hot and I never remember. But after this year, I hope I will. If we ever get rain again.) Your photos are so beautiful. And I enjoyed learning the word "Inukshuk" for those rock cairns and the meaning of it.

  13. My thoughts are with those suffering the extreme heat wave or flooding in Germany. Only rain can soften the heat but not extreme rain. We can’t thank “just right” weather enough. Rainy season is over and scorching summer is here. During the summer I always carry all-weather umbrella both for sunshade and rain with me for the sudden rain which surely downpours. The parasol on the beach has many auspicious symbols like ornaments for the New Year in my country. Take care.


  14. That umbrella is lovely.

    All the best Jan

  15. Your daughter took a very pretty scene looking out the window. Beautifully composed! It is very dry here at the moment and all our lawns are turning brown. I hope you get the right amount of rain. I have been hearing about the awful fires you’re all experiencing out there. I enjoyed your photos, such a cute little cat. I don’t think I have ever seen a monkey tree. It is extraordinary and beautiful at the same time. I did not know that the piles of rock were a sign of friendship. A lovely addition when one knows the meaning of them, and I like your symbolism explanation in the umbrella also. How I would enjoy one of those umbrellas, so bright and cheery. Have a great weekend :)

  16. Maria - with the current state of the planet, I don't think many places are experiencing weather that is "just right". But we have to maintain hope!


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