It's Not Personal But Please Do Keep A Healthy Distance

“I cannot say whether things will get better if we change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better.” - Georg C. Lichtenberg
Walking in uncrowded places nowadays, I spied seagulls drawn to herring by the shore. There was NO social distancing among the gulls and I marveled that a short time ago this was us.

Humans gather in tightly packed spaces, hug and shake hands. It is not easy to avoid all that touchy ingrained behaviour but life has changed.

Being a good neighbour now means keeping a safe distance and not overstocking with food or drink. Canadians excel at team efforts so empty shelves where my daughter recently shopped was disconcerting. Perhaps people bought not only for themselves but for self-isolating or quarantined family or friends. There is food in stores generally (see below) and people mostly buy just for two weeks. Shopping prudently, practicing extra hygiene and physical distancing, and not touching our own faces surely will reduce COVID-19 cases and advance the greater good. It starts with each of us … humble beginnings to change habits surprisingly hard to break. Naturally, the hardest habit to break is eating so I was glad to find food on local store shelves.

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Hello, love your gull photo, they looked crowded in that one spot. Our store shelves are very picked over, a lot of empty shelves too. Hubby and I try to buy only what we need, I guess two week worth. The TP was sold out, luckily we have enough to last till next shop. Going out for a walk feels good, we can keep our distance.
    Thanks for linking up and sharing your post. Stay safe, healthy and happy! Enjoy your day, happy weekend. PS, thanks so much for your visit and comment.

  2. Important post. Take care.

  3. Those gulls just want to have fun! ;-) Our shelves have been empty the last two weeks, but today there was a lot more stuff available.

  4. So thankful for nature and that we can still shop for food.

  5. Those gulls have attitude...that's for sure! Our store shelves are pretty empty here in FL. I hope everyone has what they need. Take care!

  6. The day we are all confined, people rushed in the supermarkets and rushed to empty the shelves. After the second day of this hoarding vigils are checking now the caddies if you have not bought too much. Some people came out with a caddie full of toilet paper ! I can't understand why toilet paper and in the whole world ???

    1. I have to admit the world-wide rush for TP is kind of funny! It must be psychological.

  7. we all try to stay physically healthy, I hope that our mental healthy stays strong too! Take care.

  8. Beautiful gull photo and caption says it all ~ situation is similar here ~ crazy ~ got to hope for the best ~

    Keep calm and be well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Our stores still have food on shelf's thank god! We did our shopping last Friday .. but it is getting crazy in NYC

  10. We have not found shortages here and have everything we need. When we need to replenish we take advantage of the times set aside for seniors, so even shopping has not been a hassle - if anything easier than normal. In some respects I feel like a bit of a fraud for I am healthy, fit, without mobility issues, fully in control of my faculties - but I am at the age where I can "legally" take advantage of those hours. I actually always arrive at the store before it opens so I am in and out very quickly. As I say, no shortages, but the wine selection has certainly deteriorated! Miriam and I still get out most days and we have no difficulty selecting places to walk where we are unlikely to encounter others. I expect that after a couple of weeks of this enforced confinement we will miss socializing with friends, but we are fortunate that we like each other and don't even mind our own company!

  11. We are getting out too to walk and visit uncrowded parks for exercise and fresh air. We decided to stay in Bellingham rather than return to Powell River after our last RV trip segment to Arizona. We have more health care options here and by the time we were ready to head north there was the mandatory 14-day isolation requirement after crossing the border. Other than a few staple items (like pasta), paper products (TP of course) and sanitizing products our stores have plenty of fresh foods. Take care. - Margy

  12. On the other end of the scale, my daughter texted a picture of two egrets standing several feet apart from each other as they fished the lake shore. She said they were practicing social distancing .... we have access to lots of fresh produce ... the Farm Market we go to has to sell what they grow after all! (Growing season is, of course, different here in Florida.

  13. So far, supplies in our area have not been an issue (other than the bewildering TP shortage). Of course, our state is "behind" the curve and we are likely to see changes as the situation gets worse here. Enjoying the new normal as much as we can, before it does get worse. Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday - excited to see you here again - and stay well.

  14. A lovely scene with the gulls. Especially I like the sentence of Lichtenberg.

    Happy MosaicMonday. Stay healthy.

  15. We were like the gulls recently but we now see that there is a NEED to distance ourselves. Be safe.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  16. Happy mosaic Monday. The same applies here in St James Trinidad where i live
    Thanks for your photo share
    Stay safe. Stay healthy



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