Spotting The Hedgehog

I spotted a hedgehog planted amid stones at the bottom of a fence the other day. There’s confusing bits of unreliable information about ancient Romans using hedgehogs to predict the weather and the coming of spring, similarly to how we, in North America, enlist groundhog shadows to predict. The prickly creatures with their knobby adorable pointy noses are in Europe, Asia and Africa but they're not native where I am.

I recall seeing only one hedgehog "in person" as a pet. With relaxed quills, it fit like a ball in the hand of its caretaker. Mostly, however, in my part of the world, hedgehogs are chocolates, decorative doorstops and paperweights similar to the one I have. Do you have a hedgehog of any kind at home? See one live and in action HERE.

As for forecasting weather, it doesn't take a burrowing animal to see that climate patterns are more extreme. Buildup of human-caused greenhouse gasses plays an unsustainable role in our atmosphere, aiding in global warming and upheavals. While storms and floods brew in the Philippines and the Carolinas, it's raining moderately in my world after a tinder-dry summer. Can you spot the drops? Nourishing moderate rain is manna from heaven and one day could be as rare as wild hedgehogs in BC.

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  1. After the scorching summer, Japan is now blessed with the autumn rain front. I like it when rain falls softly or more like drizzle I don’t have a hedgehog-related item at home, but presented a design T-shirt of a baby hedgehog by Brian Wildsmith to my grandson. It was so irresistible. Hedgehog looks so adorable. In Japan, Hedgehog CafĂ©, where you can sip a cup of tea and get up close with hedgehogs, seems to have gotten popular in urban areas. (This is another ethical topic, but I don’t want hedgehogs feel stress while giving comfort to the humans.) The recent over-the-brink weather has made me think that we are so close to the tipping point where global warming becomes irreversible, but hope strongly that we haven’t passed it yet.


  2. I adore hedgehogs, and a couple of years ago had the miraculous fortune to find one on a walking trail in the UK. I was able to pick it up and hold it for a few moments before putting it back where we found it. If I was ever to get another pet, it would be a hedgehog!!! OK, now that I have that out of my system … I share in your concern about our environment. I pray every day that we can continue to make changes that can at least arrest the ongoing damage, if not reverse it. I hope you enjoy your week ahead!

  3. We had interesting encounters in the UK with hedgehogs and we have a framed picture in our house. I should caution people about picking them up, however. They are notorious for the flea load they carry. I share your concern for the environment, but I fear that we have no appetite to improve things. I just read a discouraging piece about the exponential increase in invasive species now being transported from one shore to another on the plastic we have dumped into the oceans. It truly is depressing. Nothing short of a good pandemic to wipe out most of us is going to change anything.

  4. Such manna after a dry spell! Lovely wet leaves and such a cute hedgehog.

  5. I've always wanted to see a live hedgehog - they are so cute!

  6. You are absolutely right about climate change and it is frightening. Still too dry here in Oregon, it has rained only once this month after a totally dry summer. I would love to see a hedgehog in real life -- enjoyed the link -- they are so darn cute!

  7. I love the hidden hedgehog and beautiful wet colorful leaves.

  8. How lovely! Cute hedgehogs, which reminds me of the family of hedgehogs that my parents looked after when they visited their garden. Sweet memory, thanks you:)

  9. I hope that doesn't ever happen -- scarce rain everywhere. I'm in California so like you a drier climate has become us the last decade. I get the feeling, though, that we may have a wet winter. We shall see.
    Hedgehogs are cute. I've never seen one in person. I don't remember if I've seen a porcupine.

  10. Beautiful - I envy you those autumn colors. But I doubt that rain will ever be rare where you live ;)

  11. No hedgehogs here, but I do have a woodrat I would gladly share. He got up in my drying potatoes and helped himself to some. - Margy


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