A Stone's Throw From Chilliwack River

The good news is that we found an auto recycling place in Chilliwack that had a hubcap cover to match the one we lost and presumed had been stolen off our car a while back. The bad news is that on our drive home a big dump truck full of rocks sped by and spat out one of those rocks, chipping our windshield. Existence seems rigged so that we get a taste of both the good and bad things in life ... sometimes simultaneously.

I liked how the recycling place made lemons out of lemonade by planting flowers in broken-down vehicles and giving discarded hockey sticks a second chance as art.

Chilliwack is about 65 miles southeast of Vancouver. Before the rock hit our windshield, we spied something really wonderful from the road so we had to stop.

Behind the trees, berries and bushes ...

a lovely fluid blue shimmered below.

We could hear the rush of the Chilliwack River (known as Vedder at some locations) bubbling, churning and gurgling upon the beaten rocky floor.

It looked peaceful and picturesque despite chaotic movement. I could see why some parts of the waterway attract river rafters.

There was a bare patch on a surrounding hill, probably due to tree cutting.

Someone was hoping to catch a salmon. There's a hatchery nearby making this a great fishing destination. Over-fishing, however, could be a resulting unwanted issue at certain times of the year.

It would have been easy to stay longer and sink into the view along the squishy shore. Instead, we headed home just in time to meet our destiny with the flying stone.

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. Love the recycling creativity! And the river looks like a very attractive area to wander in.

  2. Loved the old vehicles, especially the truck covered in flowers. Beautiful scenery!!! Glad you found a replacement hubcap and the rock, those can be very dangerous. I was riding on the freeway with my window open. A truck passed me and a small rock hit me in the neck. Just stung like the dickens but I never travel with window open on the freeway any more. Lesson learned!

  3. What a pity you didn't linger at the beautiful riverside.

  4. Ahh, B.C. - a gorgeous part of Canada. Love all the water, whether flowing or in lakes. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Yes, life is often 1 step forward and 2 steps back … but I suppose we should be grateful we are 'walking'. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos - I especially like the old cars being used as flower pots! I wouldn't mind having some of this 'yard art' around our place!!!

  6. The flower wagon is lovely. It’s nice to have the place like Chilliwack nearby your place. I’m not sure whether things happen randomly or according to the laws of probability scientifically, but things do happen to remind us uncertainty of our life. If you had stay longer, you’d have avoided the incident. I’m scared only to imagine the moment when a rock hit the windshield of your car. Sorry to the damage on your car but hope you and your family didn’t get injured at all. In my part of the world, two powerful typhoons havocked through almost the same route on the past two weekends and another is coming upcoming weekend. We are all fine, but I’m tired of the ferocious sound of the stormwind.

  7. It's good you found the good and beautiful as well as the annoyance. Rock chips are such a pain. The river is lovely.

  8. That river is very peaceful. So sorry that you got your windshield hit by a stone. Very aggravating and potentially expensive.

  9. What a beautiful area! Too bad about the chipped windshield tho!


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