Are Tulips Family?

A tulip is more than a pretty cup. It's atomic structure is also in the DNA fabric of human existence. Petal soft, organic and multi-coloured, people, too, need sunlight, air and water to survive and reproduce. The "death by a thousand cuts" styled on the bloom (below) is just one variety of flower that inspires human happiness. 

Seeds from thousands of flower types scatter to settle and grow in faraway places. 

People pick themselves up and move about, too, but they never fully shed their roots. 

Humans and plants share some similar growth patterns and some argue that a semblance of problem-solving  consciousness exists in plants, if not self-awareness.

But plants don't have a brain so humans are considered more akin to other living things such as birds. (A wing and human arm perform differently but share embryonic origins.) 

Petals or skin, feathers or fur, the unifying force of life is said to stem from a single-celled organism formed billions of years ago, the "mother" of all things.  

For Mother's Day, I dedicate this post to moms from all the ages, including my mother (above) whom I remember as being lovely, soft and sweet as any tulip that ever grew. 

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. A lovely Mother's Day post for your Mom. The tulips and images are beautiful, Our Mom's are gone but forever in our hearts. Take care, enjoy your day! Happy Mother's Day weekend.

  2. Like that Black and white picture of your Mom.
    Those Tulips reminded me of the trip to Keukenhof a few years ago.

  3. What a lovely photo of your mother! I hope you have a special weekend. I think I might actually cut some of my roses for a bouquet today! Why not!! Hugs!

  4. Beautiful! We are all one :) Happy Mothers' Day to you as well.

  5. The Grand Mystery of Tulips and DNA and the great Cosmic "Mother of all things" - Love it! Wouldn't it be interesting if we were all related!
    Gorgeous Tulips and Apple Blossoms! Distant cousins maybe :) LOLOL

  6. Ultimately we all derived from the same ancestral sources, and I don't believe that humans are any more significant than a blade of grass. And we know full well (think of COVID) that the smallest of organisms can vanquish us in the blink of an eye.

  7. I love this post. We should be more like tulips. They don't hurt anybody. My wife is planting flowers this afternoon and she loves it. She's in her happy place.

  8. Loved your ponderings of the comparison between humans and tulips. An intriguing name and shape of 'death by a thousand cuts'
    I still have to go one day to the keukenhof, a place in Holland where in Spring you can see so many tulips. The tulip is originally a Turkish flower.
    A beautiful photo of your mum

  9. Love tulips but they are sketchy to grow and the deer like to eat them. Some are closed lipped and shy.

  10. Beautiful pictures ! I also like tulips and the most beautiful I have seen in the Netherlands Keukenhof fields, that's really amazing.

  11. I love those two coloured ones.

  12. nice reading about mother of all things....

    lovely flowers and photo of your mom...

    Happy mother day

  13. Happy motherday. Your Mother was a beauty. Thank you for sharing this lovely Post... especially the fantastisc tulips.

  14. Cheers to motherhood, always! Very nice photo of your mother, the person probably young and sweet forever in your heart. You really look like her, Maria. Every species has its own characteristics, miraculously ascended from a dust of star in the time immemorial and constantly evolved. All the living things, aren’t we supposed to “dance one unity”?


  15. Belated Happy Mother's Day to you! I enjoyed seeing all the varieties of tulips in your post. We can't grow them here - they are like crack to the deer! So I look at them wistfully through posts like yours!!!


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