Earth's Palette Of Colours Amid The Greens

Green is synonymous with nature and distinguishes Earth from the other planets we've learned about in the universe like barren Mars. But there are a range of other colours, too, that bring glitz to the eye, especially this time of year when I go for my walks.

Wisteria and poppies are painted in bold shades. They are stars of the daylight.

Worlds within worlds exist in these blooms. They can take our breath away.

Yet few petals thrive without the green of leaves and stems to bind the palettes together. Spanish poet Pedro Calderon de la Barca said: "Green is the prime colour of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises." Perhaps that is why the shade is associated not only with love of nature and harmony but also with envy.

Wherever I roam, greens are near, revived and nurtured by the West Coast rain.

I see multiple of its hues growing alongside the flowers ...

framing many of nature's patterns.

Greens are reflected in ponds and streams,

admired and appreciated where emerald canopies cover the pathways.

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Still the kid I used to be

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  1. The colors of our world are just stunning if we just stop to look! Great images :)

    Feel free to share at My Corner of the World

  2. Hello, beautiful colors, I love the poppies. I am enjoying all the green now, winter was such a dull brown. Colors really are the smiles of nature.
    Enjoy your day, wishing you a great new week ahead.

  3. Poppies are always so delightful to see among the green ~ lovely post about nature's treasures ~ thanks ^_^

    Be Safe, Be Well,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I love your "..worlds within worlds..."
    Where I live now in northeast Oklahoma, spring summer and early fall is a sea of green especially in the woods. All different shades and I love it.

  5. Whenever I visit my sister-in-law in Victoria, the one thing I envy her is foliage year round. Green truly is the essence of everything. I remember as a small boy one of my earliest teachers telling me that green would be a pleasing match with any other colour, since flowers are found in so many hues, yet all had green leaves and none were out of place.

  6. The Wisteria is beautiful with all its hanging flowers. My grandmother grew large colourful poppies in the corner of her garden. There was a small cement pond with an arching bridge, just the right size for a small little girl to walk on. I don't think it would have held a grown-up, much to my pleasure. - Margy

  7. I like the colors of this time of year, fresh green dotted with various beautiful colors. My favorite photos here are #2,4 and 7. I feel strange sensation from the fourth image that I’m not sure whether I’m soaring high or diving deep through the lush green. Take care.


  8. That are wonderful Photos!!! i love this place!!!
    Greetings Elke

  9. Wow! The inside of the poppy reminds me of the coronavirus shot I keep seeing. The rose or peony with heart shaped petals really draws me in.

  10. Thank you for this walking meditation. Calming peaceful thoughts perfectly illustrated. (And I am happy to be back in the beautiful green Pacific Northwest).

  11. And you really capture the colors! My favorite is the green and yellow (wisteria?)

  12. Every image is special in its own right, and in this way you have honored the earth and Mother Nature. Beauty is everywhere we look, if only we take the time to do so!

  13. A beautiful landscape. Wonderfully blooming flowers in your garden.

  14. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous shots. You brought a smile to my face.


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